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Chesapeake Beach Oyster Cultivation Society (CBOCS) Committees

Boardwalk preparation

  • post the Marylanders Grow Oysters (MGO) signs

  • identify all areas where water depth suitable and number the slips

Buoyant Oyster Cultivation System (BOCS) deployment

  • learn how to attach BOCS to boardwalk and assist others with task

  • need boats

  • develop YouTube video on how to deploy BOCS

Water sampling / monitoring

  • collect weekly/biweekly water samples and deliver to water treatment plant

  • take periodic Secchi disk readings

Volunteer coordinator

  • keep track of volunteers, number of hours worked, who is on what committee, scheduling duties and resolving scheduling conflicts.

Beach Elementary committee

Business participation committee

  • actively solicit participation by local business owners

Oyster delivery and planting committee

  • help organize the delivery and warehousing of oysters if needed, distribution, and planting.

BOCS patrol 

  • daily/weekly visits to boardwalk to verify that BOCSs are secure and accounted for

Weatherize BOCSs

  • twice per year (April & November)

  • need boat

  • develop YouTube video on procedure

Fishing Creek oyster reef committee

  • Work with MD DNR in finding suitable sites in Creek for planting

  • developing alternative planting options (i.e., putting down shell)

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