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The Mission of the Town's Emergency Management program is to minimize the effects of future disasters through mitigation, planning, and partnering to obtain resources and response efforts. The coordination of response agencies during a disaster event and public education and awareness for disaster preparedness is a vital part of these efforts.

The Town will provide assistance in the event of any man-made or natural disaster when: 

    • The Town infrastructure is at risk for failure
    • The safety of the public is at risk
    • When there is potential loss of public property

Services during an emergency:

    • Resources for shelter: The Town will provide updates and links to County provided shelters during an extended power outage or during a heat- or cold related event.
    • Resources for emergency food and water: The Town will work with the County and State in an event of a catastrophic failure of the infrastructure to supply water to the residents. Food and water provided by State resources will be provided at identified points of distribution.
    • Sandbags: During an emergency that involves flooding, sandbags will be provided to the best of the Town’s ability to mitigate the damage to a person’s property. The Town will also work with the County and identify locations where residents can obtain additional sandbags as a County resident.



Key Contacts:

Holly Wahl , Town Administrator (410) 257-2230
Jay Berry , Department of Public Works Superintendent (410) 257-2230
Marti Gilpin , Community Involvement Coordinator (410) 257-2230


If you lose power, please report it immediately by calling:

1-877-778-2222 in the BGE service territory or online by clicking here 
1-877-737-2662 in the PEPCO service territory 
1-877-747-6326 in the SMECO service territory 

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